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Should I invest in a second shooter?

Having photographed many weddings both with and without the services of a second shooter, I’m well placed to reflect on whether this upgrade to your package is really worth it. I mean, besides the increased number of images you’d receive from your wedding day, what other benefits can you really expect to see by investing in having two photographers shoot your wedding day?

Once in a blue moon I’ll shoot a wedding where the stars align and I’m able to navigate through the day with relative ease. These weddings are few and far between though. The truth is that even when aided by a modest guest list, perfect weather and plenty of time to take every requested shot, a wedding photographers job is still really hard! That’s okay though. I love how challenging photographing weddings are. The harder the challenge, the greater the reward when you smash it, right? This said, having a second shooter to work with does allow for some of the stresses of the day to be relieved. It gives me someone to delegate shots to whilst I focus on some of the key images. It also allows for a more efficient work flow, ultimately giving us the luxury of more time to dedicate to each set of images taken.

The first and most notable benefit to the client when investing in a second shooter is the inclusion of groom prep coverage. When working solo I’ll typically focus on covering the bridal preparations. With the scope for some equally amazing photos of the groom and his groomsmen getting ready in the morning, a second shooter will permit the story of both parties to be told.

The next benefit lays in the increased number of candid photos you’ll receive of your friends and family. Whilst in-between the keys shots taken throughout the day I’ll make sure I’m capturing some of the more natural moments as they unfold, having a second shooter means that there is always someone with more time to dedicate towards walking around your guests to discreetly snap away at the laughs, reactions and celebrations. This all helps your gallery of images to reflect the atmosphere of the day. Often these candid images end up being our client’s favourites!

The final benefit of a second shooter which I’d like to mention here, is the increased variation of images you’ll receive. A story is always best told from different points of view and sometimes having two photographers capture a special moment from alternative angles can really make for a more stimulating collection of images. For example, during the ceremony I’m able to capture some incredible moments from the front of the alter, whilst my second shooter is well placed at the back of the aisle to shoot the ceremony from your guests view point.

With the South Wales wedding industry comprising of a tight knit group of amazingly talented people, I have close working relationships with my second shooters. They are all professional wedding photographers in their own right and I’m fortunate to have worked alongside them for many years. Honestly I don’t think I’d be where I am today without each and every one of them supporting me!

Here’s a shot of the last South Wales Wedding Photographers Christmas party! I’m in there somewhere!

Miles. x


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