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The Wedding of Rosy & Chris @ Oxwich Bay Hotel

You would not believe the level of planning that went into Rosy & Chris’ wedding day! Everywhere you looked you could see a carefully considered touch and detail that had Rosy & Chris’ stamp all over it! I’ve never seen Oxwich Bay in Swansea look so elegant! Of course Oxwich Bay Hotel with it’s beech and cliff top outlook will always look beautiful, but the effort that went into decorating their marquee was simply stunning. That said, for all of the planning, one thing you can’t prepare for is rain - or should I say the most frustrating misty drizzle that plagued us for most of the day! As soon as we had a break in the weather though, and just before the speeches were about to commence, we ran out to the Oxwich beech to make the most of the break in the rain clouds and take some beautiful couple shots. This was definitely one of the most fun weddings myself and the team have been to - Rosy & Chris stuck two fingers up to the weather Gods and made the most of every second of what was a truly special day. Their beautiful kids Lola and Ollie were a shining example of the joy and kindness this couple exude, and I couldn’t be more grateful for them letting us document their most incredible of wedding days. Miles. x

2nd photographer covering groom prep - Chris Andrews.


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